Information and signal processing underpins many of the emerging and promising solutions to the challenges faced by our ever-changing digitised world. We undertake fundamental research inspired by future applications spanning social media, entertainment, telecommunications, defence, health and autonomous vehicle industries, which will shape our lives, economy and society for decades to come. Our research expertise expands into exciting areas of communications, signal processing, spatial audio and acoustics, and nano-electro-mechanical systems, while maintaining active collaborations with world-renowned institutes and industry partners, to innovate techniques and systems that can better collect, exchange, analyse and process information and signals. Our education portfolio includes introductory and advanced courses in electronics and signal processing, with applications in telecommunication networks, audio and acoustic signal processing, Internet of Things, microprocessor-based digital systems, and power systems and electronics. Our vision is to improve human well-being by exploring the communications and sensory modalities of humans and developing human-like sensory capabilities to machines.

Members of the NEMS Laboratory work on nanoscale science and technology, with various applications in areas ranging from nano-manufacturing, nano-electro-mechanical system (NEMS), energy harvesting to biomedical sensing.

NEMS Laboratory

Audio & Acoustic Signal Processing



You are on Aboriginal land.

The Australian National University acknowledges, celebrates and pays our respects to the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people of the Canberra region and to all First Nations Australians on whose traditional lands we meet and work, and whose cultures are among the oldest continuing cultures in human history.

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