Jiri Janousek

Departmental Visitor

Picture of Jiri Janousek

Physics 1 11


Information & Signal Processing


Generation of squeezed and entangled states, optical detection techniques, techniques for controlling optical cavities and nonlinear optical systems, technical design of optical cavities, optical parametric amplifiers and solid state lasers.


For more details on Dr Janousek’s research, please see his publication list.


Dr Janousek is a postdoctoral research fellow in the quantum imaging group at ANU. He investigates the properties of quantum states of light in the spatial domain. His role is to drive forward the development of novel squeezing, entanglement and detection techniques in the spatial domain. He is particularly interested in the challenge to build a device that generates squeezing in many spatial modes simultaneously.

He earned his PhD degree in 2008 at the Technical University of Denmark, where he used nonclassical quantum states of light to perform ultra-sensitive measurements. He was also involved in research of solid state lasers operating in the yellow spectral region, in both pulsed and continuous-wave systems.

Activities & Awards

Read more about Dr Janousek’s output here.

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