Zena Assaad

Senior Research Fellow


Aerospace engineering; UAS traffic management (UTM); meaningful human control in aviation; human-machine teaming; and regulation and assurance of autonomous systems.


Dr Assaad works as a senior research fellow with the School of Engineering at the Australian National University, and is also a fellow with the Trusted Autonomous Systems defence cooperative research centre (TAS DCRC). Her research explores the safety implications of human-machine teaming (HMT) operations for Australian Defence. Read more about her fellowship research here.


Dr Assaad studied a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and completed a PhD exploring decision making under uncertainty to support strategic air traffic flow management. Following her studies, she spent some time working in various organisations, working as a liaison officer, bridging the communication between civil and military airspace. Dr Assaad worked on Australia’s first satellite-based augmentation systems project. She also worked as a research specialist with Australia’s aviation regulatory body.

Activities & Awards

For more details on Dr Assaad’s activities, please see her website.

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