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Tandem devices, perovskite cells, thin film cell technology, photodetectors, optical sensors, renewable power and energy.


Professor Weber’s research is focoused on facilitating the commercial application of new technologies by addressing key materials and device challenges. He has worked with a number of companies including photovoltaic panel manufacturers and equipment manufacturers.

Professor Weber is looking for students who are interested in projects in the area of solar cells which covers material synthesis, characterisation, device fabrication and measurements. For most of these projects, some background in semiconductores (e.g. having done ENGN3334 Semiconductors) would be highly beneficial. Projects are also available that focus on encapsulation of solar cells, which do not need an understanding of semiconductors. Additional projects are available looking at broader energy and climate change issues. The exact topic can be determined in discussion with the individual student. They would be suitable for a student completing the Renewable Energy Systems major.


Dr Klaus Weber is Professor in the Research School of Engineering at the ANU. His current research interests include thin Silicon solar cells, the development of low cost processes for high efficiency cells including laser processing, surface passivation, silicon heterojunctions and solar cells based on novel materials, particularly Perovskite and Perovskite / Silicon tandem cells. He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Adelaide and a PhD from the Australian National University.

Activities & Awards

Professor Weber co-invented and developed several thin film cell technologies including SLIVER technology, for which he was closely involved in the commercial development including the current ARENA project (formerly with Transform Solar). He has been involved in several other commercially focussed research projects. He has expertise in silicon cell fabrication and characterisation, surface passivation, and laser processing. He has authored over 250 journal and conference publications. He is a recipient of the Weeks Award by the International Solar Energy Society and the Alan Walsh Medal for Service to Industry by the Australian Institute of Physics. His work on SLIVER technology received numerous other awards including the Banksia Award and the Aichi World Expo Global Eco-Tech 100 award.

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