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Our energy research focuses on the development and advancement of renewable energy technologies for electricity, fuels and materials production, industrial processes, and heating and cooling applications.

The investigations are predominantly related to solar energy conversion through photovoltaic, thermal, thermochemical and hybrid systems. We also study hydro, wind, geothermal, biomass and thermoelectric systems, compatible energy storage technologies, from thermal to thermochemical to electrochemical, as well as grid integration.

Research projects address challenges in basic sciences, engineering, system integration and techno-economics, which result in fundamental technology discoveries, device and system prototypes, and commercial products.

Explore our available research projects below and if you’d like to discuss opportunities for collaboration or funding, please email us.

Energy Storage

Our global energy systems are currently in rapid transformation, particularly through uptake of photovoltaic and wind power, driven by emissions...


Photovoltaics research at ANU is at the global cutting edge, spanning the entire spectrum of solar electricity technologies—from solar forecasting...

Solar Dish at ANU

Our leading-edge research encompasses basic sciences, engineering and techno-economics for development and advancement of solar thermal and hybrid...

Academic staff


Technical staff



Alejandro Vidal

Alejandro Vidal

Master of Engineering - Solar Energy Technologies
“My interest in engineering started during high school, I was good at maths and science and I had a talent for building and fixing stuff.  I was...

Andrew Blakers

"I studied physics and maths at school and at ANU, intending to become an astronomer, but then decided that solar energy was a much more useful area...

Dr Antonio Tricoli

Dr Antonio Tricoli is a Research Fellow in the College of Engineering and Computer Science at The Australian National University. Nanotechnology is a...

Kylie Catchpole

Research Fellow at the ANU Research School of Engineering
Kylie Catchpole is Research Fellow at the ANU Research School of Engineering. She describes the aim of her research very simply, as "better, cheaper...
7 Sep 2016
ANU will establish an international research program to improve ways to store renewable energy that can be integrated into the electricity grid under a new $8...
Electric Car
14 Jun 2016
Make no mistake, Australia is in the grips of a long love affair with cars. According to ABS data, we collectively own 13.5 million of them, and we purchase over...
Solar Panels
15 Apr 2016
The Australian National University (ANU) has won $4.7 million in new funding for renewable energy research, and more than any other university, in the latest round...
Rebecca Watts
12 Feb 2016
Installing solar energy systems into rural Cambodian homes has brought hope and economic opportunities for locals, as REBECCA...
Andres Cuevas
28 Jan 2016
Scientists have developed a new silicon solar cell that promises cheaper manufacturing processes and better power output. The collaboration, between scientists at...
Wind turbine
21 Dec 2015
The ACT Government's new $10.8 million funding for a Renewable Energy Innovation Fund will provide great opportunities for ANU to further partner with industry to...
18 Dec 2015
By ANDREW THOMSON When we are not driving, cycling, or walking on it, a road is just a waste of space, right? Not if it is a solar road! What a perfect combination...
Fiacre Rougieux
17 Dec 2015
The price of Photovoltaics modules has drastically decreased during the last decade, however further cost reductions are now increasingly hard. The key problem with...
Lachlan Blackhall
30 Nov 2015
ANU Alumnus and Chief Technology Officer of Canberra-based firm Reposit Power, Lachlan Blackhall, has been chosen as the first recipient of the Batterham Medal for...
Andres Cuevas
16 Oct 2015
Professor Andrés Cuevas has been awarded the 2015 Becquerel Prize for Outstanding Merits in Photovoltaics. The award recognises his scientific merits in the...

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