Professor Kylie Catchpole

Professor Kylie Catchpole is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the Research School of Engineering at the Australian National University. Her research interests are in perovskite solar cells, solar water splitting, and nanotechnology for solar cell applications. She has a physics degree from the ANU, winning a University Medal, and a PhD from the ANU. She was a Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of New South Wales and the FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics, Amsterdam. She has authored over 100 publications, and her work on plasmonic solar cells has been featured in the news sections of Science magazine and The Economist. Her work on nanophotonic light trapping was listed as one of MIT Technology Review's '10 most important emerging technologies'. In 2015 she was awarded the John Booker medal for Engineering Science from the Academy of Science. 

My research interests are novel materials for photovoltaics and solar fuels.

For further information visit:

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Research Description

The quest for abundant renewable energy is currently one of the world’s greatest technological challenges.  Solar energy is by far the most abundant clean energy source available.  In order to achieve the vision of a world powered by renewable resources, we need cheap and highly efficient ways to replace fossil fuels in electricity generation and transport.  In our work we are focusing on both these areas, with the aim of creating high efficiency solar cells to help bring down the cost of solar power, and creating low cost solar fuels by using sunlight to split water.   Scientifically, the work involves fundamental conceptual advances in our understanding of the physics and chemistry of materials and their interactions with light, in order to design and fabricate high efficiency devices.


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