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Capstone Design Project (ENGN4300) is the pinnacle group project course in the engineering degree at ANU. Capstone exposes students to an authentic engineering-based experience, both in preparing students to have the autonomy they will require to be graduate engineers and giving students the experiences and skills they need to be attractive to a variety of graduate jobs.

Key dates (Note: key dates for students are available in the Course Guide)
Date Description Who
June 2024 Call for projects starting Semester 2 2024 open Potential project hosts
1 July 2024 Call for projects starting Semester 2 2024 closes Potential project hosts
22 July 2024 Semester 2 starts Students
25 July 2024 Semester 2 Project Selection Night Project hosts and Semester 2 2024 students
10 October Project Showcase Semester 1 2024 Students
Mid October Mid-project presentations Semester 2 2024 Students
25 October 2024 Semester 2 ends Projects end for Semester 1 2024 starters
1 December 2024 Call for projects starting Semester 1 2025 open Potential project hosts


Capstone Design Project is hosted within the ANU College of Engineering, Computing & Cybernetics (CECC). Please feel free to contact us about potential collaborations.

Please discuss ideas you may have for a project with the Course Convener Dr Zena Assaad

Zena Assaad Dr Zena Assaad
Course Convener - ENGN4300
| Website | Birch Building (35), B244

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