Warren Saunders

Bandalang Fellow

Picture of Warren Saunders

Birch Building

Warren Saunders is a Gungarri landscape engineer, botanist, horticulturalist and native plant expert who specialises in revegetation and regeneration. A life-long student of Aboriginal culture, Warren’s in a transdisciplinary practice which extends into music as a didgeridoo player. Warren describes himself as a ‘bushie’, as he spends much of his time on Country learning about the natural systems and how best to work with them.

Throughout his career, Warren has been instrumental in the development of the Viro-cell planting system for native species, in particular in native grasses and aquatics- a system which has seen numerous revegetation nurseries contribute to the regeneration of local Ngunnawal and Ngambri Country.

Warren is uniquely innovative in his work, having invented new systems, tools and methods which have enabled more plants to be planted in shorter lengths of time, and to flourish once they’re in the ground. Warren is clear about his core mission in his work “ultimately, my career is all about getting as many plants into the ground (or water) as possible and covering bare ground to improve the environment.”

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