Honouring Indigenous Knowledge Systems in innovation, design, research and teaching

What are our capabilities as engineers? This question defines a new era of engineering, where understanding transdisciplinary systems and whole-of-life responsibilities require new ways of thinking.

The Bandalang Studio is a place to help shape these conversations, forge lasting relationships and drive change towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

What we offer

The Bandalang Studio provides a supportive environment for First Nations students, researchers, innovators, leaders and their non-Indigenous allies to learn and collaborate.

We offer space, resources and opportunities to First Nations researchers, entrepreneurs, ANU students and staff.

The Bandalang Studio creates opportunities to embed Indigenous science and technologies into core ANU Engineering modules.

Work with us

Help us build

Are you interested in seeing Indigenous knowledge help shape new ways of engineering in Australia? We want to hear from you. We are seeking thinkers, practitioners, academics and people with non-traditional career paths to join us in this journey. We’re opening opportunities for residencies and opportunities for people to work with us.

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Some early thinking…

ANU has sought PwC Indigneous Consulting (PIC) to advise the appropriate approach in establishing the studio.

PIC has recommended co-creating the Bandalang Studio through three phases of work: Establish, Build, and Grow.


The Establish phase emphasises the importance of good governance, founding principles, and the naming of the studio

This is a consultative process, in which we seek advice from an Indigenous-majority working group at ANU.


We will be working closely with Indigenous leaders in innovation and research to shape the offerings of the Bandalang Studio. These include building out the physical space for the studio, developing strong partnerships and services and events such as tutoring/mentoring, and residencies.


In this phase we strive to reach beyond the ANU ecosystem. Outreach programs with pre-tertiary holiday programs and support pathways in engineering for Indigenous students, practitioners and researchers.

About the College

Connect with us

If you’d like to know more about any of our programs, or if you’re just keen for a chat, then drop us a line at bandalangstudio@anu.edu.au.

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