Paul Girrawah House

Bandalang Fellow

Picture of Paul Girrawah House

Birch Building

Paul Girrawah House is a senior Ngambri-Ngunnawal custodian of the Canberra region with Wiradjuri, Walgalu and Ngunnawal ancestry. He is a descendant of Ngambri (Walgalu) man Henry ‘Black Harry’ Williams and Wallaballooa (Ngunnawal) man ‘Murjinille’ aka William Lane (‘Billy the Bull’), as well as having Wiradjuri ancestries.

Paul Girrawah House has worked extensively in Commonwealth and NSW public sector agencies, including the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. He has played a key role in the continuing practice of culture in Ngambri/Kamberri/Canberra and has worked extensively with the National Gallery as a cultural consultant. Paul Girrawah House currently holds the title of Senior Community Engagement Officer at the Australian National University, Ngambri/Kamberri/Canberra.

Paul celebrates his cultural ancestry through traditional tree carving. Recently Paul’s practice has extended beyond the traditional use of trees, and has seen Paul carving his ancestral designs into glass, and other contemporary materials.

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