David Maseng Nalo

Bandalang Fellow

Picture of David Maseng Nalo

Birch Building

David is a Ni-Vanuatu from the Bulevikedengse clan with English heritage on his mother’s side. His clan is one of three from the village of Baiap on the island of Ambrym. Ambrym is located in the centre of Vanuatu where there are two active volcanoes and a third vent.

David has committed his career to working with youth in culture and music. As a musician, David has connected to his local community through music, and has built life-long relationships with the people and organisations central to his work. The last 10 years have seen David working for and with custodians of traditional knowledge in Northern Vanuatu and facilitating activities for the preservation and promotion of positive cultural practices.

David is passionate about finding ways to use modern technology to develop and enhance indigenous knowledge and practices. He endeavours to demonstrate that a collaboration between modern technology and traditional indigenous practices can contribute to new and innovative solutions.

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