The School of Engineering Executive Committee is the governing body of the School and it is composed of all the School's executive members. The Committee advises the School Director on the following matters:

  • the operations of the School, including administration, space and infrastructure, education and research
  • management of the School's finances, including budget planning
  • implementation of, and compliance with ANU and relevant external policies and procedures
  • any other matter referred to it by the School Director
  • management of the School's human resources
  • may not discuss/advise on a matter relating soley to a particular person


Professor Christopher Kellett

Research Area:

Phone: +61 2 6125 3321


Professor Ian Petersen

Research Area:

Phone: +61 2 6125 6059


Associate Professor Katia Bazaka

Research Area:

Phone: +61 2 6125 3702


Professor Hongdong Li

Research Area:

Phone: +61 2 6125 7779


Mr Neil Kaines

Phone: +61 2 6125 5682



Email: TBA
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School of Engineering
Service Roles - June 2020
Workload Role Name
School Roles
High Director  Chris Kellett
High Deputy Director  Ian Petersen
High Associate Director (Education)  Katia Bazaka
High Associate Director (Research)  Hongdong Li 
High International Education Partnership Coordinator - East Asia & Program Mapping  Nan Yang 
High EA Accreditation Academic Coordinator  Nick Barnes
Medium HDR Delegate  Antonio Tricoli 
Medium International Education Partnership Coordinator - South Aisa  Shankar Kalyanasundaram 
Medium International Education Partnership Coordinator - India  Ankur Sharma 
Medium International Education Partnership Coordinator - China  Shannon Wang 
Medium NIG Coordinator - End-to-End Engineering People  Larry Lu 
Medium Bachelor of Engineering Program Convener  Kylie Catchpole 
Medium Discipline Chair - Biomedical  Larry Lu 
Medium Discipline Chair - Electronic and Communication Systems  Sean Zhou 
Medium Discipline Chair - Mechanical and Material Systems  Shankar Kalyanasundaram 
Medium Discipline Chair - Mechatronic Systems  Rob Mahony
Medium Discipline Chair - Photonic Systems  Jong Chow (RSPE) 
Medium Discipline Chair - Renewable Energy Systems  Matthew Stocks 
Medium Discipline Chair - Engineering Core  Jeremy Smith 
Medium Masters Convenor  Larry Lu 
Medium Program Convener - Master of Machine Learning and Computer Vision (MLCV)  Hongdong Li 
Low HDR Convenor (Energy)  Elizabeth Ratnam 
Low HDR Convenor (Fabrication & Materials)  Matt Doolan  
Low HDR Convenor (Information)  Xiangyun (Sean) Zhou 
Low HDR Convenor (Computer Vision & Robotics)  Miaomiao Liu  
Low Coordinator Diversity & Inclusion  Kiara Bruggeman 
Low Coursework Student Experience Coordinator  Parasanga Samarasinghe 
Low NIG Coordinator - Platform  Kylie Catchpole 
Low Student Competition - Solar Car  Matthew Doolan 
Low Student Competition - Rocketry  Lachlan Blackhall 
Low RSEEME WHS committee  Takuya Tsuzuki 
College Roles
High Dean  Elanor Huntington 
High Deputy Dean  Nick Birbilis 
High Associate Dean (Research)  Nick Birbilis 
High Associate Dean (HDR)  Nan Yang (acting) 
High Reimagine Fellow: The Future of Engineering and Computer Science Education  Wojciech Lipinski 
High Reimagine Fellow: Technical Services Consolidation  Neil Kaines 
High Reimagine Fellow: E+i: Engineering Positive Impact  Jeremy Smith 
ANU roles
Low CAS management committee member  Takuya Tsuzuki, Kylie Catchpole 
Low MEC committee member  Adrian Lowe 
Low Academic board member  Chris Kellett
Low Academic board member  Klaus Weber
Low ANU story project  Fiona Beck 
Low ANU Appeals Panel  Salman Durrani 
Low ANU Student Survey Working Group  Salman Durrani 
Low ANU Extension Consultative Committee   Tom White 
This list is not comprehensive as it excludes some shorter-term or temporary roles. This list will not be used on its own to determine the distribution of service roles within the School and other things will be taken into consideration, such as the number and extent of temporary roles people are involved in


All Year
  ENGN2707 - Engineering Research and Development Project Katia Bazaka  
  ENGN3013 - Engineering for a Humanitarian Context Jeremy Smith  
  ENGN3100 - Practical Experience Josua Stuckelberger Bin Lu
  ENGN3200 ENGN6200 Engineering Internship Joseph Coventry  
  ENGN3706 - Engineering Research & Development Project Katia Bazaka  
  ENGN3712 - Engineering Research and Development Project Katia Bazaka  
  ENGN4200 - Individual Project Catherine Galvin  
  ENGN4221 - Systems Engineering Project Ankur Sharma  
  ENGN4706 - Engineering Research and Development Project Katia Bazaka  
  ENGN4712 - Engineering Research and Development Project Katia Bazaka  
  ENGN4718 - Engineering Research and Development Project Katia Bazaka  
  ENGN6250 - Professional Practice 1 Ehsan Tavakoli-Nabavi  
  ENGN8170 - Group Project Qinghua Qin  
  ENGN8260 - Professional Practice 2 Ehsan Tavakoli-Nabavi  
  ENGN8601 - Research Project Nicolo Malagutti  
  ENGN8602 - Research Project Nicolo Malagutti  
  EXTN1005A   ANU Extension, Year 11 Kiara Bruggeman  
  EXTN1005B   ANU Extension, Year 12 Sam Cheah  
Semester 1
  ENGN1211 - Discovering Engineering Kylie Catchpole  
  ENGN2217 - Mechanical Systems and Design Shankar Kalyanasundaram  
  ENGN2218 - Electronic Systems and Design Catherine Galvin  
  ENGN2219 COMP6719 Computer Architecture and Simulation    
  ENGN2300 - Engineering Design 2: Systems Approaches for Design Jeremy Smith  
  ENGN2706 - Engineering Research and Development Project (Methods) Daniel McDonald  
  ENGN3213 ENGN6213 Digital Systems and Microprocessors Nicolo Malagutti  
  ENGN3221 - Engineering Management Matthew Doolan  
  ENGN3224 ENGN6224 Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Xiaolin (Shannon) Wang  
  ENGN3226 ENGN6626 Digital Communications Xiangyun (Sean) Zhou  
  ENGN3331 ENGN6331 System Dynamics Igor Vladimirov  
  ENGN3601 ENGN6601 Engineering Materials Qinghua Qin  
  ENGN3820 - Biomedical Imaging Woei Ming (Steve) Lee  
  ENGN4027 - Sustainable Nanomaterials Takuya Tsuzuki  
  ENGN4524 ENGN6524 Photovoltaic Technologies Hieu Nguyen  
  ENGN4528 - Computer Vision Nick Barnes  
  ENGN4537 ENGN6537 Digital Signal Processing Usama Elahi  
  ENGN4811 - Biomechanics and Biomaterials Nicolo Malagutti  
  ENGN6528 - Computer Vision Miaomiao Liu  
  ENGN8100 - Introduction to Systems Engineering Mahmoud Efatmaneshnik  
  ENGN8535 - Engineering Data Analytics Hongdong Li  
  ENGN8538 - Probability and Stochastic Processes in Engineering Nan Yang  
  ENGN8625 - Advanced Power Systems Liz Ratnam  
  ENGN8637 - Advanced Topics in Communications and Signal Processing Nan Yang  
  ENGN8831 - Integration of Renewable Energy into Power Systems and Microgrids Carlos Macana  
  ENGN8833 - Industrial Energy Efficiency and Decarbonisation John Pye  
Semester 2
  ENGN1217 - Introduction to Mechanics Kiara Bruggeman  
  ENGN1218 - Introduction to Electronics Salman Durrani  
  ENGN2222 - Engineering Thermodynamics Wojciech Lipinski  
  ENGN2228 - Signal Processing Xiangyun (Sean) Zhou  
  ENGN2301 - Engineering Design 3: Systems Approaches for Analysis Marnie Shaw  
  ENGN3223 ENGN6223 Control Systems Elizabeth Ratnam  
  ENGN3230 - Engineering Innovation Woei Ming (Steve) Lee  
  ENGN3410 ENGN6410 Engineering Sustainable Systems Klaus Weber  
  ENGN3516 ENGN6516 Energy Resources and Renewable Technologies Daniel MacDonald  
  ENGN4212   Manufacturing Technologies Matthew Doolan  
  ENGN4511 ENGN6511 Composite Materials Paul Compston  
  ENGN4520 - Special Topics in Engineering I Ankur Sharma  
  ENGN4525 ENGN6525 Solar Thermal Technologies Wojciech Lipinski Xiaolin (Shannon) Wang
  ENGN4536 ENGN6536 Wireless Communications Nan Yang  
  ENGN4548 ENGN6548 Wind Energy Matthew Stocks  
  ENGN4615 ENGN6615 Finite Element Analysis Shankar Kalyanasundaram  
  ENGN4625 ENGN6625 Power Systems and Power Electronics Usama Elahi  
  ENGN4627 ENGN6627 Robotics Robert Mahony  
  ENGN4810 - Nanotechnology and Applications Antonio Tricoli  
  ENGN4820 - Bio Micro and Nano Electro-Mechanical Systems (BioMEMS and BioNEMS) Yuerui Lu  
  ENGN6528 - Computer Vision Thalaiyasingam Ajanthan  
  ENGN8120 - Systems Modelling Lachlan Blackhall  
  ENGN8224 - Advanced Control Systems Ian Petersen  
  ENGN8501 - Advanced Topics in Computer Vision Dylan Campbell  
  ENGN8534 - Information Theory Parastoo Sadeghi  
  ENGN8536 - Advanced Topics in Mechatronics Systems Nick Barnes  
  ENGN8537 - Embedded Systems and Real Time Digital Signal Processing Aline Maalouf  
  ENGN8830 - Photovoltaic Power Plants Marco Ernst  
  ENGN8832 - Urban Energy and Energy Efficiency Andrew Blakers Kean Chern Fong


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