What does a Frowny Face on my timetable mean?

It means that there is a clash. However, it is probably only with the numerous lab sessions or tutorials that are available and you need to pick one that is not clashing.

Do I have to go to all the lab sessions?

You only have to go to one lab session per course. This is usually the same for tutorial or workshop sessions. You need to choose which time you want and register for it after your first lecture. The lecturer will give you further instructions on how and where to register.

I have a timetable clash, what do I do?

Check this page.

What room is my class in?

The room your class is in is shown on the timetable. You can also find maps here.

Where do I get my timetable?

Go to the timetable page to work out your individual timetable.


Can I bring a dictionary into my exam?

English language dictionaries are usually permitted for exams. (There are always exceptions though, especially for lab exams). The form is available in the Student Services Office and needs to be signed off by an administrative staff member. You will need to take the form and your dictionary to the Examinations Office (located in Melville Hall) at least one day before your exam.

Where can I view my exam paper?

If you wish to see your marked exam paper, please get in touch with the course convenor.

What will happen if I fail courses?

Make an appointment to see a staff member in CECS Student Services. They are there to help you. Students who have failed a total of four (or more) courses with their academic career (i.e. undergraduate or postgraduate programs) is considered to have failed to maintatin satisfactory academic progress and will be placed on ‘academic probation’. This is an official warning to the student and will outline the implications of further course failures for the student’s studies.

If a student fails a total of 8 (or more) courses, the student may be excluded the student from their program for a specified period of no longer than 5 years. Students who are subject to exlusion will be given an oppiortunity to “Show Cause” before thier exclusion is finalised. This means that the student will be excluded unless they appeal and ‘show cause’ for why they have been failing and what they are doing to make sure that it will not happen again. Being placed on Show Cause is very serious. CECS Student Services can help you prepare your appeal to submit to the University.

Further Information on Academic Progress Requirements

ANU Academic Progress Rules

I have two examinations on the same day, what should I do?

This is normal and students are expected to sit both exams on the same day. However, if you have two exams at the same time you need to contact CECS Student Services.

How do I apply for special consideration for my course or examination?

Apply for special consideration here

Where do I find my examination timetable?

Examination timetables are available here.

Degree plans and enrolments

How do I get credit or exemptions for courses I have taken previously?

Click here

How do I apply for a leave of absence from my program?

Domestic Students International Students

Can I study at another Institution for credit at ANU?

Click here

Can I take five courses in one semester?

If you wish to take more than four courses (24 units) in a given semester, you will need to request an enrolment overload. ISIS will not allow you to enrol in more than 24 units as this exceeds a standard study load.

Overload Policy

Overload Application

The College does not encourage you to overload, as it may affect your performance in courses and your ability to pass them. However, the College acknowledges that there are circumstances where overloading is unavoidable. In these circumstances, the College will consider you for an overload if you have achieved a 60 per cent average in your previous semester without sitting a special examination in that semester. The College will not approve an overload of more than one additional course.

If you wish to overload, please complete the Overload Request Form and submit it to CECS Student Services. Overloading is not a valid reason for later seeking special consideration and/or special examinations or in the case of being required to show cause due to academic progress. You must inform yourself of the dates for withdrawing without academic and financial penalty in case the increased study load becomes too difficult and you need to drop a course.

How can I change my program/degree?

Click here

I am planning on graduating this year. Can I have my record checked to make sure I meet all of the requirements?

Send an email to studentadmin.cecs@anu.edu.au.

I need to take a course for the third time. What do I do?

If you have failed a course two times and need to attempt it a third time, there are several steps you need to take to get approval. This is done through CECS Student Services. You need to start this process before the beginning of the semester as it can take a week or more for the application to be assessed. Please email studentadmin.cecs@anu.edu.au.

ISIS wants a permission code from me?

To obtain a permission code please email studentadmin.cecs@anu.edu.au.

How can I add or drop a course if it won’t work online on ISIS?

If you are not able to add or drop a course on ISIS, please email studentadmin.cecs@anu.edu.au. for help.


Are fees going up next year?

Fees may change from year to year and between different courses. How fees are calculated can be found here.

I want to apply for a scholarship but which one am I eligible for?

There are many of scholarships available, ones provided by ANU, and ones provided by CECS. If you are a new CECS student, scholarships are available here, and if you are a current student, they are available here. You may apply for any scholarship as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

How much does each course cost?

The cost of each course can be found on the bottom of the page of the Programs and Courses page for that particular subject. It is also available on your ISIS account after you have enrolled in the subject.

International Students

Can I take less than four courses in a semester as an international student?

See the Reducing your study load as an international student site.

How can I get proof that I have finished my degree, before my graduation?

Student Services can provide you with a written letter stating that you have met the requirements of your degree and that it was conducted in English. It is known as a ‘completion letter’. Email studentadmin.cecs@anu.edu.au with your name and student number and you should receive a letter within a week.

How can I get an electronic confirmation of my enrolment (eCoE)?

Your enrolment confirmation letter is sent within one month of your enrolment via email. If you need to request a new enrolment confirmation letter (e.g., change of degree) and have not received a new letter, please fill out this form and return it to our offices.

I need to extend my student visa, what should I do?

You may be able to extend your visa in extenuating circumstances. Please email studentadmin.cecs@anu.edu.au or drop by our offices for an appointment with our Student Advisor. Please make sure you arrange this and then apply for a visa extension if necessary as early as possible, before your current visa runs out. For more information, see here.

You are on Aboriginal land.

The Australian National University acknowledges, celebrates and pays our respects to the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people of the Canberra region and to all First Nations Australians on whose traditional lands we meet and work, and whose cultures are among the oldest continuing cultures in human history.

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