Investigating the stability of Perovskite solar cells


Research areas


Solar cells based on certain Perovskite materials have demonstrated very high conversion efficiency and are attractive candidates for next generation PV cells and modules. However, stability in these devices is a known issue. The devices are extremely moisture sensitive amongst other things. There is need to better understand the cell degradation mechanisms and develop strategies to overcome these. In this project, the degradation of Pervoskite films and solar cells wil be investigated experimentally, as well strategies to reduce degradation. This will involve processing, detailed measurements using a variety of characterisation techniques, and analysis of the results. The project will be part of a much larger research effort within the PV group to develop Pervoksite and Perovskite/silicon tandem cells and modules. Students will thus be working in a highly dynamic, stimulating and rapdily evolving research environment.




Background in semiconductors (ENGN3334 or equivalent) is highly desirable. This is a demanding research project that requires a solid foundation in physics and a high level of motivation. Suitable for students on track for H1.



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