Student research projects

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30 Projects

Project namesort descending Area Theme
Are some online optimisation solutions more equal?
Atomically thin opto-electronic devices (LED, solar cells) and/or mechanical devices based on novel two dimensional nano-materials
BE Honours and Master Projects in Communications
Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of 2-dimensional organic-inorganic perovskite semiconductors
Clean energy solutions on the Great Barrier Reef - PhD project
Computational Alloy Design and Discovery
Corrosion testing of new alloys
Deep Learning for Automated Planning -- Multiple Projects
Design and Analysis of 5G+ and 6G Communications Systems
Design and Analysis of Molecular Communications Systems
Development of efficient and stable perovskite-silicon tandem solar modules
Discovering Inconsistent Data in a Dynamic World
Dynamic Knowledge Tracing
Energy-Aware Bespoke System Design for Solving Optimisation Problems
Facial Expression Recognition from Masked Faces
Flexible and wearable sensors
Graph Deep Learning
Improving knee brace technology
Making sense of ants', bats', and dolphins' motion
Micro-/Nano-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS/NEMS) based novel biomedical devices
Optoelectronic properties of novel 2-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides
PhD project in Energy Analytics: Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program
PhD Research Projects in Communications
Power generation for wearable devices
Shared battery storage in Australian suburbs
Short-term solar energy forecasting from sky video sequences
Stability study of gallium-doped Czochralski silicon solar cells
Sustainable Materials Design using Machine Learning
Towards Better Images of the Universe
Virtual RobotX

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