Research projects

55 project

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Active noise control over space using Spherical Harmonic Domain/Wave Domain Signal Processing (SONY)
Active sound control and noise reduction over space
Adaptive Spot Welding Control
Advanced multicrystalline silicon for high efficiency solar cells (PhD project)
Ammonia-based energy storage
ASTRI: Heliostat capital cost reduction
ASTRI: Improving performance of high-temperature receivers
Bladed receivers with active airflow control
Characterisation of concentrator surfaces using deflectometry
Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of 2-dimensional organic-inorganic perovskite semiconductors
Clathrate hydrate cold storage for solar air conditioning
CONSORT: Consumer Energy Systems Providing Cost-Effective Grid Support
Cutting-edge laser processing techniques for bifacial silicon solar cells (PhD project)
Driving increased efficiency and reliability in silicon photovoltaics - from ingots to modules
High-temperature sodium-based energy collection and storage
High-temperature solar thermal energy storage via manganese-oxide based redox cycling
Human-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle interactions: Making drones talk and listen
Hydrogenation of defects in high efficiency n-type silicon solar cells (PhD project)
Kinetic and rheological studies of CO2 semi-clathrate hydrates for cold storage air-conditioning systems
Luminescence studies of thin films in silicon photovoltaics (PhD project)
Measurement of high-flux irradiation
Metallised encapsulant for silicon PV modules: A path to reduced LCOE for PV
Micro-/Nano-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS/NEMS) based novel biomedical devices
Model predictive control of in point focus solar thermal systems
Modeling & Measurement of Head Related Transfer Function
Multi-scale engineering of durable absorber coatings for solar thermal power
New approaches to impurity gettering in silicon solar cells by deposited films (PhD project)
Next Generation Industrial Bifacial Silicon Solar Cells
Novel applications of sub-band-gap absorption and emission in silicon solar cells (PhD project)
Novel passivated polysilicon contacts for high-efficiency solar cells (PhD project)
Novel passivated polysilicon contacts using printable dopants (PhD project)
Optical design of high-flux solar simulators
Optoelectronic properties of novel 2-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides
Photogrammetric characterisation of concentrator surfaces
Planar microphone array for spatial audio recording
Privately owned public space: Noise cancellation over multiple regions
Radiative characterisation of fibrous materials
Radiative characterisation of small heterogeneous particles
Radiative spectroscopy characterisation of participating media
Radiative transfer in multi-component media
Solar Cooling Using Ejectors
Solar fuels by water splitting
Solar production of ammonia
Solar thermal gasification of coal
Solar thermochemical CO2 capture via calcium-oxide looping
Solar thermochemical CO2 capture via calcium-oxide looping
Spatial Sound Control for Testing Multi-channel Audio Devices
Spectral PL for fundamental properties of silicon and other PV materials (PhD project)
Supercritical-water gasification of biomass
The cocktail party problem: Advancing binaural localisation techniques
Thermal transport by design for fast and efficient solar thermochemical fuel production
Transient thermal transport phenomena in reacting particles
TRNSYS performance simulations of small scale absorption chiller systems in Australia
USASEC: Improved high-temperature receivers for dish concentrators
X-ray imaging of free-falling particles

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