CIICADA (Control, Information, Intelligence, Communications, Automation, Decision, and Autonomy) Lab is an inter-cluster research lab committed to advancing research and education in control, information, decision, and autonomy sciences. Of particular interest are the areas of optimisation and game theory and its applications; systems and control theory; autonomy; quantum systems; and complex networks (including networks of dynamical systems, communications networks, and social networks). CIICADA Lab is at the forefront of major methodological developments in a wide range of fields, including: robotics, telecommunications, information technology, energy, and defence. CIICADA Lab members emphasise the role that fundamental understanding of mathematics, physics, and computing play in their engineering research and follows a design oriented and systematic approach to solving complex problems. CIICADA Lab students and research fellows are instilled with the disciplinary depth and the interdisciplinary understanding required of modern research and engineering leaders. CIICADA Labs aims are further supported through the members active involvement with national and international collaborators from esteemed and leading institutions including industry and government.

Affiliated Labs and Groups:

  • STR Labs
  • Power Systems and Optimisation Lab


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