Computer Vision

Computer Vision

To 'see' not only involves taking an image, but also understanding that image: judging distances, interpreting facial expressions and anticipating objects' movements, for example. Computer vision research aims to create intelligent systems that can see and understand a scene as well as humans can—or better, in the case of autonomous driving, medical imaging, defence and aerospace projects, environmental monitoring, manufacturing and surveillance.

We conduct innovative and fundamental research, focused on multiple-view geometry, 3D modelling, dynamic-scene understanding, machine learning and pattern recognition. Globally, we are the 'centre of excellence' for this kind of research. We research novel theories and algorithms, and develop artificial vision systems that extract useful information from images and video sequences to perform wide-ranging tasks, from enabling blind people to see with the aid of a bionic eye, to quickly building a 3D model of a city. Through the establishment of the ARC Centre for Robotics Vision at ANU and other Australian institutions, our academics and research students have access to cutting-edge facilities and resources to explore new ideas and technologies.   

Explore our available student research projects below and if you’d like to discuss opportunities for collaboration or funding, please email us.

Academic staff

Dr Naveed Akhtar »

Research Fellow

Assoc Professor Nick Barnes »

Senior Lecturer

Dr Anoop Cherian »

Research Fellow

Dr Yuchao Dai »

DECRA Fellow

Dr Basura Fernando »

Research Fellow

Dr Stephen Gould »

Associate Professor

Dr Salman Khan »

Adjunct Lecturer

Dr Piotr Koniusz »

Honorary Lecturer

Professor Hongdong Li

Assoc Professor Hongdong Li »


Dr Chuong Nguyen »

Research Fellow

Professor Fatih Porikli »


Dr Shaodi You »

Honorary Lecturer, Research Scientist


Khurrum Aftab

Mr Khurrum Aftab »

PhD Student

Thalaiyasingam Ajanthan

Mr Thalaiyasingam Ajanthan »

PhD Student

Ashkan Amirsadri

Mr Ashkan Amirsadri »

PhD Student

Saeed Anwar

Mr Saeed Anwar »

PhD Student

Dylan Campbell

Mr Dylan Campbell »

PhD student

Mr James Charters »

PhD Student

Mr Arif Chowdhury »

PhD Student

Huizhong Deng

Mr Huizhong Deng »

M Phil

Ami Dory

Mr Ami Drory »

PhD Student

Masoud Faraki

Mr Masoud Faraki »

PhD Student

David Feng

Mr David Feng »

PhD student

Lin Gu

Mr Lin Gu »

PhD Candidate

Mr Kartik Gupta »

PhD Student

Mohammad Hanif

Mr Mohammad Hanif »

PhD Student

Zeeshan Hayder

Mr Zeeshan Hayder »

PhD Student

Sadeep Jayasumana

Mr Sadeep Jayasumana »

PhD Student

Pan Ji

Mr Pan Ji  »

Ph.D student

Mr Zachary Jiang »

PhD student

Suryansh Kumar »

PhD Student

Ms Lin Li »

PhD Student

Mr Lingqiao Liu

Mr Lingqiao Liu »

PhD Student

Buyu Liu

Ms Buyu Liu »

PhD student

Ilya Magafurov

Mr Ilya Magafurov »

PhD Student

Yansheng Ming

Mr Yansheng Ming  »

PhD student

Mr Farlin Mohideen

Mr Farlin Mohideen »

PhD student

Lawrence Mutimbu

Mr Lawrence Mutimbu »

PhD student

Sarah Namin

Ms Sarah Namin »

PhD student

Mr Sean O'Brien »

PhD Student

Kyoungup Park

Mr Kyoungup Park »

PhD Student

Mahsa Paziresh

Ms Mahsa Paziresh »

PhD Student

Kukulage Nomal Samunda Perera

Mr Samunda Perera »

PhD student

Mostafa Pordel

Mr Dana Pordel »

PhD student

Sejuti Rahman

Ms Sejuti Rahman »

PhD Student

Mr Hanif Rasyidi »

PhD student

Mrs Fatemehsadat Saleh »

PhD Student

Mr Cedric Scheerlinck »

PhD student

Adnan Shah

Mr Adnan Shah »

PhD Student

Arash Shahriari

Mr Arash Shahriari »

PhD student

Ahmed Sohaib

Mr Ahmed Sohaib »

PhD Student

Jun Sun

Mr Jun Sun »

MPhil student

Yusuf Tas

Mr Yusuf Tas »

PhD Student

Song Wang

Mr Song Wang »

PhD Candidate

Fang Wang

Ms Fang Wang »

PhD Candidate

Tao Wang

Mr Tao Wang »

PhD Student

Jiaolong Yang

Mr Jiaolong Yang »

PhD Candidate

Mr Mohammad Zamani »

PhD Student

Mr Haoyang Zhang »

PhD Student

Yi Zhou

Mr Yi Zhou »

PhD Student

Gao Zhu

Mr Gao Zhu »

PhD student


Dr Jose M. Alvarez »

Honorary Lecturer (Level B)

Dr Mehrtash Harandi »


Dr Xuming He »

Adjunct Fellow

Dr Cong Phuoc Huynh

Dr Cong Phuoc Huynh »

Adjunct Research Fellow

Dr Yi Li »

Senior Researcher

Dr Nianjun Liu »


Dr Miaomiao Liu »

Ajunct Research Fellow

Dr Chris McCarthy »

Research fellow (adjunct)

Dr Lars Petersson »


Dr Antonio Robles-kelly

Dr Antonio Robles-kelly »

Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr Mathieu Salzmann »

Honoary Staff Member

Dr Karim Seghouane »

Senior Researcher


Prof. Shunping (Jack) Ji »

Occupational Trainee, Campus Visitor

Shunping Ji »

Campus Visitor

Dr Fredrik Kahl

Dr Fredrik Kahl »

School Visitor

Mr Liu Liu »

Occupational Trainee

Mr Gucan Long

Mr Gucan Long »

Occupational Trainee

Mrs Liyuan Pan »

Occupational Trainee

Liyuan Pan »

Campus Visitor

Mr Xibin Song »

Campus Visitor

Dr Jianhua Wang

Dr Jianhua Wang »

Visiting Fellow

Mr Yurui Xie

Mr Yurui Xie »

Occupational Trainee

Lili Yang »

Occupational Trainee

Mr Ximing Zhang »

Occupational Trainee

Ximing Zhang »

Occupational Trainee

Mr Hao Zhu

Mr Hao Zhu »

Occupational Trainee

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