Acoustics and Audio

Audio and Acoustics

Acoustics and audio play vital roles in our lives. Our research focuses on spatial audio and acoustics for real-world applications in telecommunications, telepresence, entertainment, hearing aids, assisted hearing, noise cancellation over large areas, ultrasound imaging and localisation of acoustic sources. Sound spatialisation requires thinking about sound in three dimensions, including its orientation, directivity, trajectories, and spatial characteristics of the environment such as reverberation.

Our work ranges from theoretical research, to implementation challenges and experimental investigations. With the support of an ANU Major Equipment Committee Grant, we have established a cutting-edge spatial audio laboratory to conduct this research. We develop theory on sound field modelling for different kinds of sound sources in complex acoustic environments. This leads to work in design and analysis of microphone arrays, speaker arrays for spatial sound synthesis, estimation and equalisation of room acoustics, and sound source localisation and separation.

We have strong track records with competitive grants, including ARC Discovery and DECRA, and publication in high-impact peer-reviewed journals and refereed conferences in the field. We also collaborate with international academics and industry partners, such as Dolby Australia, on research projects.

Explore our available student research projects below and if you’d like to discuss opportunities for collaboration or funding, please email us.

Academic staff

Professor Thushara Abhayapala »

Deputy Dean, CECS and Professor, RSEng

Hanchi Chen

Dr Hanchi Chen »

Research Fellow

Assoc Professor Glenn Dickins »

Architect of Convergence, Dolby Laboratories

Prasanga Samarasinghe

Dr Prasanga Samarasinghe »

Research Fellow

Dr Wen Zhang »

Honorary Senior Lecturer


Abdullah Fahim

Abdullah Fahim »

PhD Student

Mr Yonggang Hu »

PhD Student

Fei Ma »

PhD Student

Matthew O'Connor »

HDR Candidate

Xiangyun (Sean) Wu

Mr Xiang Wu »

PhD Student

Ms Jihui (Aimee) Zhang »

PhD student

Mr Huanyu Zuo »

PhD Student



Mr Yu Maeno »

Campus Visitor


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Journal Articles

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Thushara, Yu and Hanchi
4 Aug 2017
Partnership will see University’s breakthrough spatial audio research applied to Sony’s future products and services.

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