Photovoltaics research at ANU is at the global cutting edge, spanning the entire spectrum of solar electricity technologies—from solar forecasting, to fabricating high-efficiency PV cells, to integrating renewables with storage capacity into the grid.

Our solar laboratories support about 80 staff and students with facilities that enable the fabrication and characterisation of high-efficiency silicon and perovskite solar cells. We also maintain tools for state-of-the-art laser processing, industrial solar cell manufacturing and rapid-throughput characterisation.

Our world-leading silicon solar cell research includes advanced defect characterisation, surface passivation optoelectronics and the manufacturing of high-efficiency back-contact solar cells. We have invented and continue to advance thin, lightweight and flexible Sliver™ solar cells, and we are developing micro-concentrator PV-thermal and solar cooling systems in collaboration with industry. We are also pioneering the exploration of nanostructures for photovoltaics, tandem silicon-perovskite solar cells and advanced PV optics.

We are supported with generous research funding from the Australian Research Council, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and a number of international industrial partners to make the next generation of renewable energy a reality.

Explore our available student research projects below and if you’d like to discuss opportunities for collaboration or funding, please email us.

Student research projects

Research projects

Academic staff

Chog Barugkin

Dr Chog Barugkin »

Research Fellow

Dr Fiona J Beck »

FERL Fellow

Dr Qunyu Bi

Dr Qunyu Bi »

Postdoctoral Fellow

Professor Andrew Blakers »


Mr Teck Kong Chong

Mr Teck Kong Chong »

Research Fellow

Mr Simon Corbell »

Honorary Associate Professor

Professor Andres Cuevas »


Jie (Jason) Cui

Dr Jie (Jason) Cui »

Research Fellow

Dr Marco Ernst »

Research Fellow

Dr Vernie Everett »


Dr Kean Chern Fong »

Research Fellow

Dr Evan Franklin »

Research Fellow

Dr Nicholas Grant »

Postdoctoral Fellow

Niraj Lai

Dr Niraj Lai »

Australain Renewable Energy Agency Postdoctoral Fellow, ANU Early Career Academic Fellow

Dr Hemant Kumar Mulmudi »

Research Fellow

Hemant Kumar Mulmudi »

Research Fellow

Hieu Nguyen

Dr Hieu Nguyen »

Research Fellow

Mr Pheng Phang »

Research Fellow

Dr Tom Ratcliff

Dr Tom Ratcliff »

Research Fellow

Dr Fiacre Rougieux »

ARENA Postdoctoral Fellow, ARC DECRA Fellow

Dr Heping Shen

Dr Heping Shen »

Research Fellow

Dr Igor Skryabin »

Business Development Manager

Dr Matthew Stocks

Dr Matt Stocks »


Dr Andrew Thomson

Dr Andrew Thomson »

Research Fellow

Mr Daniel Walter

Mr Daniel Walter »

Research Fellow

Mr Yimao Wan

Mr Yimao Wan »

Research Fellow

Dr Er-Chien Wang

Dr Er-Chien Wang »

Research Fellow

Assoc Professor Klaus Weber »

Associate Professor

Dr Tom White »

Research Fellow

Nandi Wu »

PhD Candidate

Dr Xinbo Yang

Dr Xinbo Yang  »

Research Fellow

Dr Ngwe Soe Zin

Dr Soe Zin »

Postdoctoral Fellow


Thomas Allen

Mr Tom Allen »

PhD Candidate

Mr Rabin Basnet »

PhD candidate

Lachlan Black

Mr Lachlan Black »

PhD Candidate

James Bullock

Mr James Bullock »

PhD Candidate

Samantha Cheah »

PhD Student

Zi Wei Cheo

Zi Cheo »

4th Year Student

Jin Jin Cong

Ms Jin Jin Cong »

Postgraduate Student

The Duong

Mr The Duong »

PhD Candidate

Xiao Fu

Miss Xiao Fu »

PhD Student

Mr Mohsen Goodarzi »

PhD Student

Dale Grant

Mr Dale Grant »

PhD Student

Ingrid Haedrich

Ms Ingrid Haedrich »

PhD Student

Youngjoon Han

Mr Young Han  »

PhD Candidate

Daniel Jacobs

Mr Daniel Jacobs »

PhD Candidate

Mavineet Kumar

Mavineet Kumar »

4th Year Student

Hang Lu

Ms Tara Lu »

4th Year Student

Bin Lu

Mr Bin Lu »


Arnold McKinley

Mr Arni McKinley »

PhD in Marking

Yahuitl Osorio Mayon

Mr Azul Osorio Mayon »

PhD Candidate

Jun Peng

Mr Jun Peng »

PhD Student

Placeholder image

Harry Qian »

PhD Candidate

Mr Daniel Shen »

Undergraduate Student

Hang Sio

Mr Kelvin Sio »

PhD Candidate

Chang Sun

Mr Ryan Sun »

PhD Candidate

Da Wang

Mr Da Wang »

PhD Candidate


Mr Zhu WANG »

PhD Candidate

Mr Yiliang Wu

Mr Yiliang Wu »

PhD Candidate

Lujia Xu

Mr Peter Xu »

PhD Candidate

Di Yan

Dr Di Yan »

Research Fellow

Shenyou Zhao »

PhD student


Mr Stephane Cremel

Mr Stephane Cremel »

Occupational Trainee

Dr Xiaolei Li

Dr Xiaolei Li »

Visiting Fellow

Mrt Florian Pfeffer »

Occupational Trainee

Ms Valerie Rodin »

Occupational Trainee

Dr Yuheng Zeng

Dr Yuheng Zeng »

Visiting Fellow

Technical staff

Dr Katherine Booker

Dr Kate Booker »

Research Officer

Ms Maureen Brauers

Ms Maureen Brauers »

Research Officer

Mr Bruce Condon »

Technical Officer

Mr James Cotsell »

Technical Officer

Mrs Nina De Caritat »

Laboratory Manager

Ms Judith Harvey

Ms Judith Harvey »

Research Officer

Mr Christopher Jones

Mr Christopher Jones »

Research Officer

Mr Teng Kho

Mr Teng Kho »

Research Officer

Ms Anyao Liu

Dr Anyao Liu »

Research Fellow

Ms Josephine McKeon

Ms Josephine McKeon »

Research Officer

Mr Shakir Rahman

Mr Shakir Rahman »

Research Officer

Mr Mark Saunders

Mr Mark Saunders »

Maintenance Technician

Dr Sachin Surve

Dr Sachin Surve »

Research Officer

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