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Namesort descending Position Area Email / Phone
Sophia Cole MakerSpace Coordinator Teaching Staff
Mr James Cotsell Technical Officer Technical Services
+61 2 612 54827
Associate Professor Joe Coventry Associate Professor ,
+61 2 612 52643
Mr Andrew Coward Honorary Associate Professor
Mr Zac Cranko PhD Student
Dr Warren Creemers Research Fellow
Mr Donovan Crichton PhD Candidate ,
Professor Andres Cuevas Emeritus Professor
Mr Ran Cui PhD Candidate
Dr Michael Angelo Curtotti Honorary Lecturer, Casual/Sessional Academic
Carina Da Silva Casaca School Administrator Computing Administration
Alexandra Dal Cortivo Executive Assistant Computing Administration
Mr James Dannatt PhD Student
Dr Eleni Daskalaki Research Fellow
Dr Jeremy Dawson Research Fellow
+61 2 6125 7778
Mrs Nina De Caritat Laboratory Manager
+61 2 612 51738
Mr Wilhiam de Carvalho PhD Student
Jim de Groot PhD Student
Dr Luis Eduardo de Souza Amorim Research Fellow
Mr Lachlan Deakin PhD student @ Applied Maths
Mr Huizhong Deng M Phil
Mr Denny Denny PhD Student
Mr. Amin Derakhshan Research Visitor
Assoc Professor Glenn Dickins Architect of Convergence, Dolby Laboratories ,
Mr Zetao Ding PhD Candidate
Mr Nic Donaldson Honours Student
Mr Jie Dong PhD Student
Mr Jian Dong Occupational trainee
+61 2 612 51614,
+61 2 612 51614
Mr Jiaqi Dong PhD student
Dr Ami Drory Researcher
Mr Leiping Duan Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr The Duong ARENA Postdoctoral Fellow ,
+61 2 6125 8297
Assoc. Professor Salman Durrani Associate Professor, Associate Director Education (ADir-E)
+61 2 6125 6573
Javad Ebrahimian Amiri PhD Student
Mr Bob Edwards Computing Facility Manager, Programmer / Lecturer Computing Administration, Technical Services
+61 2 612 54090
Mr Nathan Elazar Honours Student
Mr Luke English Masters Student
Dr Marco Ernst Research Fellow, Lecturer
+61 2 612 50080
Mr Tom Everitt PhD student
+61 2 612 59171
Miss Jessica Evers Summer Scholar
You Fang Campus Visitor
Zeheng Fang MPhil
Dr Jiabin Fang Campus Visitor
Dr Moshiur Farazi Visiting Lecturer, CECS, CERC Fellow, Data61-CSIRO , , ,
Mr Muhammad Farhan PhD Candidate, Research Assistant, Tutor - Lecturer
Mr Agung Fatwanto PhD Student
Dr Ian Faulconbridge Honorary Associate Professor
Mr Saeed Fazeli PhD student
Dr Reza Fazeli Grand Challenge Research Fellow
Mr David Feng PhD student


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