Zhuoran Zeng

Research Fellow

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Metals and alloy materials; light alloy development and processing; super-formable magnesium at room temperature; high-performance magnesium alloys; scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD).


Dr Zeng’s research centres on light alloy development and processing, and advanced characterisation techniques to measure the impact of different processing methods. His work includes: advanced manufacturing (including 3D printing) of alloys for structural applications; characterisation, modelling and machine learning of processing-microstructure-property relationships in metallic materials; investigation of surface properties, corrosion mechanism, and functional applications of metallic materials; and the application of advanced analytical tools including aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy, electron backscattered diffraction and transmission Kikuchi diffraction, and in-situ characterisations.


Dr Zeng received his BEng with first-class honours (2011) and PhD (2016) from Monash University. In 2020 he joined ANU as a research fellow. Prior to this, he worked as a research fellow (2016-2017) and an assistant lecturer (2018-2020) at Monash University.

Activities & Awards

For more details on Dr Zeng’s activities, please see his publications.

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