Hang Sio

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Engineering Building (32), E220


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Multicrystalline silicon photovoltaic devices, high efficiency photovoltaics, recombination mechanisms, advanced characterisation methods, defects and impurities in silicon.


Dr Sio’s research interests lie in the field of solar photovoltaics, particularly in multicrystalline silicon. His objective is to improve the material quality of multicrystalline silicon so that solar cells made from multicrystalline silicon can reach higher efficiency. His research focuses on characterising various carrier recombination mechanisms in multicrystalline silicon materials using advanced characterisation techniques, and developing methods to reduce their detrimental impacts to the final cell performance.

Hydrogen is known to interact with defects and impurities in silicon (Si), passivate dangling bonds and reduce their recombination activities. Dr Sio’s research involves measuring, characterising and understanding the role of hydrogen in silicon, in order to make better solar cells.


Kelvin Sio received his PhD degree in Engineering in 2016 from the Australian National University, and has been working as a research fellow at ANU since then. He received an ACAP research fellowship in 2017. He is the lead investigator for the project “Advanced multicrystalline silicon for high efficiency solar cells”, which involve close collaboration with one of the world’s largest PV manufacturers, Jinko Solar, based in China.

Activities & Awards

For more details, please see Dr Sio’s publications.

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