BEng, BEng(R&D), BEngSE

Undergraduate engineering programs at the ANU include the 4-year Bachelor of Engineering with embedded Honours, and its elite twin the 4-year Bachelor of Engineering (Research and Development)(Honours). We also offer BEng SE (Honours), with a special focus on software engineering. Within these programs students can pursue a wide range of minors, majors, and specialisations.

Students in certain ANU science and humanities programs can complement their degree with a minor or major in Computer Science.

With just one more year of study our Engineering programs can also be combined with another ANU program as a flexible double degree.

BEng (4-year)

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Do you want to help accelerate the transition to clean, carbon-free energy, design sustainable and more liveable cities, or create new technologies in robotics, uncrewed aircraft and the wireless internet of things?

If you are creative, and enjoy teamwork and problem-solving, then this is the degree for you!

The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) builds on a unique multidisciplinary systems approach. Our state-of-the-art education experience ensures that you will be able to understand how disciplines work together, and to design, analyse and manage the complex systems of the future. You will also develop specialised knowledge and skills in your chosen engineering field.

BEng(R&D) (4-year)

Bachelor of Engineering (R&D) (Hons)

The Bachelor of Engineering (Research and Development) degree has an innovative structure that allows you to undertake multiple engineering research projects during your program.

Alongside the fundamental engineering courses and majors of the regular BEng Program, you will immerse yourself in world-class research groups across the fields of electronics, communications, mechatronics, renewable energy, environmental, and aerospace systems. The BEng (R&D) degree will not only allow you to build a strong foundation for a rewarding career in research and development, but also enable you to contribute first-hand to solving some of the world’s largest problems.

BEng SE (4-year)

BEng in Software Engineering (Hons)

Software Engineering is about building effective software systems that address complex problems in a broad range of domains including transport, communications, finance, medicine, science, entertainment and the arts.

The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering provides you the opportunity to develop these skills and capabilities through a balance of theoretical study and practical projects with industry partners. It builds on a unique multidisciplinary systems approach, covering not only the technical aspects of professional practice, innovation and research, but also the complex socio-technical context in which these activities occur.

BENG-SE is a coursework augmentation and has the software engineering major built into the augmentation.

Minors, Majors and Specialisations

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