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There are a few things that you need to know about Capstone Project…

Awesome Work from Incredible Students

You’re in good company.

Capstone Project is all about turning ideas into reality.

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Course Philosophy


In Capstone Project, your job is to deliver value.

We measure value as a balance between project outputs and governance


We (try) to remove as many constraints of a ‘university class’ as possible:

most of your time is spent out of the classroom doing your project.


We respect all inputs, perspectives and expertise - no ‘one way’ of thinking will solve the problem.

We expect all Capstone Project members to be professional and respectful.

Trust, Autonomy and Tracability

We trust teams to do their best work, to make good decisions, and to find out what they don’t know.

All of your work should be accessible via your team repository.



Capstone Projects are real-world:

potential clients propose projects, or students can propose their own.

Project Selection

Projects are chosen by and diverse teams are created to use the talent from all participants in Capstone Project on Project Selection Night.

Professional Project Review

Students provide critical review of other projects as Shadows to provide an alternative perspective to project teams.

The Role of ‘Shadows’

You’ll be a Team Member and a Shadow.

Being a Shadow improves the quality of everyone’s work.

It is the most important role you will play.


Design, Build, Test, Fail, Learn

We want you to fail early, fail often, and fail forward.

During semester, you will receive ‘progress indicators’, not ‘grades’

Meaningful Feedback

All stakeholders are involved in evaluating a project audit through the Many Eyes Process.

You then act on that feedback to improve the value you are delivering to the client.

Focus on ‘Quality’, not ‘Grades’

The easiest thing in this course will be focussing on doing great work.

Mutual Agreement

You will use the progress indicators, repository and anything else at your disposal to ‘propose’ your final grade through the Team Review process

(By this stage, you should know exactly where your group stands…)

Professional Reflection

The project is supplemented by a professional reflection - this could be done through a job application, reflection or application for your next big thing!


Tutor Meetings

Tutors mentor students at meetings before and after audit weeks in a cycle of planning, acting, and reflecting.

Workshop Sessions

Workshop sessions throughout semester help teams to create the best work possible.

Technical Leadership Program

We will be running a program for team members to develop some leadership skills.

Project Showcase

Teams present their prototypes and work to the Canberra community at the Project Showcase.

Find out more…

The Course Guide and the Assessment Guide have all the information you need to get started with Capstone Project.